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Lab Members

Meet our Collaborative & Diverse Team

Current Lab Members


Anya Kondratova, PhD

Staff Scientist 

Anya is a staff scientist who oversees projects and mentors rotating students and works closely with our postdoctoral fellows.


Shinjini Ganguly, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Shinjini, the senior postdoctoral fellow in the lab, studies genetic and epigenetic mechanisms through which androgen receptor signaling influences DNA damage response and the resulting effects on therapeutic resistance in prostate cancer.

Tony Final.TIF

Anthony Ghanem, MD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Anthony, a medical doctor and talented scientist, is working on regulation in breast and prostate cancer as a postdoctoral research fellow in our lab. Anthony will be applying for residency and pursuing a career as a physician-scientist in the near future. 


Andrew Muskara

Lab Technician

Andrew is a recent graduate of Ohio State University and, in addition to supporting various other projects, he is studying the role of circulating biomarkers in cell free DNA in patient risk stratification for a variety of cancers. He is currently applying to medical school. 

Pari Final.png

Prarthana Parthasarathy, MD

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Fellow

Pari is a pediatric hematology-oncology fellow profiling the epigenetics of rhabdomyosarcoma in the lab as a part of her research rotation.

Zaeem .jpeg

Zaeem Lone, MS3

Medical Student 

Zaeem is a 3rd year CCLCM student working on transcriptomic biomarkers in prostate cancer.


Monica Nair, MS2

Medical Student 

Monica is a 2nd year CCLCM student studying bladder cancer organ preservation approaches biomarkers and response to immunotherapy using informatics and genomics approaches.


Claudia Walker, MS1

Medical Student

Claudia is a 1st year CCLCM student studying neuroendocrine transdifferentiation.

Previous Lab Members


Jarrell Imamura

Undergraduate Student

Jarrell is a senior at Case Western Reserve University planning to go to medical school. He is working on neuroendocrine bladder cancer.


Aysegul Balyimez, PhD


Dr. Balyimez is a scientist at Exact Sciences. Dr. Balyimez's research focused on the role of epigenetic reader proteins and co-repressor complexes in the initiation and progression of solid tumors.

martin photo.jpg

Dr. Sarah Sittenfeld and Dr. Martin Tom 

Radiation Oncologists

Dr. Sittenfeld is a Radiation Oncologist at The University of Cincinnati. Dr. Tom is a Radiation Oncologist at the Miami Cancer Institute. Both Dr. Sittenfeld and Dr. Tom were Radiation Oncology Resident Physicians at the Cleveland Clinic. They were involved in clinical and basic research projects in our lab.

Adam Delong, MD

Pediatric Resident 

Adam is a Pediatric Resident at Columbia University. While attending CWRU SOM he spent time in our lab studying the function of histone mutations in aggressive pediatric brain tumors (e.g., DIPG).

Optimized-photo (1)_edited.jpg

Nikki Patel

Clinical Research Program Coordinator 

Nikki is a Clinical Research Program Coordinator at Nationwide Children's Hospital. When she was a student at Ohio State University, she studied the function of co-repressor complexes in radiation response in our lab.


Vadim Koshkin, MD

Genitourinary Oncologist 

Dr. Koshkin is a Genitourinary Oncology at UCSF. 

brittany white coat.jpg

Brittany Gnewkowski

Medical Student

Brittany is currently a medical student


Divya Naik

Internal Medicine Resident 

Divya is an Internal Medicine Resident at Methodist Health System. 


Omar Mian, MD, PhD

Principle Investigator

Dr. Mian is a radiation oncologist and physician scientist at the Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute. His research interests center around the genetics and epigenetics of bladder and prostate cancer.

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